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Legal Disputes Involving Construction

Legal disputes involving construction or building activities can involve federal, state or even local laws, and sometimes a combination of the three. Based in Greensboro but serving all of North Carolina, the law firm of Henson, Talley & Scallon LLP handles all types of legal matters involving construction. These laws can include such areas as safety regulations.

Our firm has more than 40 years of experience handling a variety of legal issues involving business, litigation, insurance defense, workers’ compensation and personal injury. We also have experience working with both sides of the issue and feel this gives us an advantage in negotiation and litigation — our lawyers know what the other side is thinking because we have also worked that side of the case.

Common Construction Law Matters

We handle a wide range of construction issues, including:

  • Construction defects: This can include a flaw in the construction plan or material that can cause an unreasonable chance of harm even through normal use.
  • Workplace injuries: This can be disputes involving workers’ compensation, personal injury or lack of safety training.
  • Insurance: This can involve the insurance carrier, the client company or employer, and individual claiming damages.
  • Contract negotiations, disputes, or breach of contract: Services were negotiated and the bond was secured, but one side does not uphold their part of the deal, perhaps when the stop notice was sent. This can lead to a lawsuit and involve a mechanic’s lien, the threat of collections and other issues.

Working Toward The Best Possible Outcome

We also understand that each case is unique and take the time to listen to your cases as well as your legal needs and goals. We then develop a strategy that we believe has the best chance to meet or surpass those expectations. This may involve out-of-court negotiations to resolve the matter in an equitable manner for all parties involved, or it may involve litigation in court. The fact is that there is often a lot of money involved in many construction disputes and the right attorney can make a big impact in resolving these matters.

Schedule An Appointment To Discuss Your Construction Law Issue

Depending on the size of the project, this can be a very complex legal matter involving many areas of law. Contact our firm at (336) 944-6513 or contact us through this website to schedule a consultation with an attorney versed in construction disputes.